Where it all began…

I sat here for half an hour staring at a blank page, wondering what my first ever mummy blog should be about! After deliberating and getting absolutely no inspiration from my other half, I decided it would be best to start where it all began!

So in August 2013, I went on a family holiday to the gorgeous resort of Albufeira in Portugal. I dragged my best friend along for the ride too, we were only 17 and the thought of being let loose in a foreign country by ourselves was thrilling. Quality time with the fam and the chance to party with my friend, I thought “perfect, best of both worlds”.

About four days into the holiday me and my friend, were lounging around the pool on lilos – worshipping the sun with barely any protection on like typical Brits – and that’s when, unbeknown to me, my life was about to change. Sitting on the edge of the pool were two young lads. Now I fancied the arse off one of them, and really wanted an excuse to talk to him! I didn’t know his name so I referred to him as Abercrombie, because that’s what his shorts said. The other guy, who turned out to be his brother was referred to as ‘Green Shorts’.

Me and my friend, Abbie, devised a plan to grab their attention without looking like desperate whores. “Right, f*ck it, push my lilo over the other side of the pool…” I mean, it couldn’t have looked more obvious if we tried – it worked though! After three hours of effortless conversation, shameless flirting and giggling like an exciting 6 year old on Christmas morning, he FINALLY asked me on a date. When I say date, I mean he said “I know this bar that sells sambuca shots for 1 euro, you should bring your mate!” But that was good enough for me. We shared our cheeky first kiss in the pool as the sun went down. The holiday romance only lasted 4 days before Ciaran (Abercrombie) and his brother went home, but little did I know that he would be the father to my child!

Going the distance… Literally!

This is where it gets a little complicated… Ciaran lived all the way in Brighton and I lived in Darlington. To put into perspective just how far that is, it’s a four and a half our train journey or a six hour drive! Determined to make it work, we text and called each other every single day. We both worked, but I was on an apprenticeship wage, and Ciaran worked full time in a bar, so it took us three months to save up to see each other. We had our first proper (UK) date in London and the rest is history… Or so they say.

It’s true what they say you know, distance does make the heart grow fonder! We would try and see each other every month, alternating which parent’s house we stayed at. Sometimes there would only be two weeks between visits, but other times we would wait as long as seven weeks to see each other. The weeks were long but it only made the time we spent together more special!

Knock knock, baby O’clock

In February last year after two and a half years together, our worlds were turned upside down in a way that we could never have imagined. I found out I was pregnant! At the tender age of 19, I sat on the toilet and stared at those two little lines. PREGNANT, PREGNANT, PREGNANT. I thought “What the f*ck?! HowFirst ultrasound scan 12 weeks 6 days could this happen? I’m on the pill.” We were both so young and in a state of total shock.

We gave it a couple of days to register in our minds what was happening before telling our families, but I don’t think it really sank in until we saw our baby boy in mini-blob-form at our 12 week scan.

We still lived at opposite ends of the country, but we’d already planned for Ciaran to move to Darlington before I fell pregnant. I was four weeks pregnant when we found out and still lived with our parents, which meant it was all systems go. We had less than 8 months to buy a house, Ciaran to find a job and to mentally and physically prepare for a baby! “ARGHHH SH*T! How are we going to manage it in time?!”

Ciaran didn’t make his big move to Darlington until 7 weeks before Alfie was born, so I pretty much went through the whole pregnancy on my own, with the support of my mum and my friends. Of course Ciaran was always at the other end of the phone for emotional support, but it was tough without him being there physically.

The baby bubble

Due to complications and health issues towards the end of my pregnancy, I was induced at 36 +4, and Alfie John Carolan was born at 36+6 on 23rd September 2016. My perfect little bundle arrived into the world happy and healthy, weighing a dinky 6lb 5oz.


Almost four years on and here we are as a trio (we’re a little chubbier than we were but hey ho)! I think our little love story is pretty romantic, and I loFamily.jpgve telling people how we met. I hope that one day Alfie asks me, “Mummy, how did you and Daddy meet?!” And I’ll be able to tell him how romance isn’t dead, and you don’t have to chat up girls online to get a girlfriend.

I absolutely love reading other people’s love stories! Mamas, tweet me @beccabrayx with yours! xx


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